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City of London Independent School Selection Process

City of London Independent School Selection Process

For 11+ entry, a boy will be aged between 11 and 12, and will have completed Year 6 at his current school.

Candidates must take a qualifying computerised reasoning test prior to the main entrance examinations. If a candidate is unsuccessful in the qualifying computerised reasoning test, he will not be able to proceed to the entrance examinations. Those candidates who are successful in the qualifying computerised reasoning test will then proceed to the entrance examinations in January.

All registered candidates who were successful in the qualifying test and a preliminary financial review, will be invited to sit examinations in English, Mathematics and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning in the January of their Year 6.

Candidates who perform well in these examinations will be in invited back to the School for an interview, usually in mid-February. The interview lasts around 20 minutes and affords us an opportunity to get to know your son beyond his examination results. It is also useful for him to be able to find out more about us. No specific preparation is required or expected for the interview.

The offer of a place at the School is made on the evidence of the examination and interview, together with a confidential report from the Head of the candidate’s current school. An offer of a bursary is also dependent on satisfying the financial eligibility criteria.


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