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11 Plus Jumbled Words

11 Plus Jumbled Words


Jumbled words are a small puzzle to rearrange mixed up letters to form a meaningful word.

 Here are a few examples (to help you understand better):

  1. o-v-s-l-e:- solve
  2. o-t-g-a:- goat
  3. e-b-t-a-l:- table
  4. h-e-n-p-o:- phone
  5. p-e-a-r-p:- paper


Tips to crack jumbled words:

  • Try to look for common consonant combinations such as ch, st, ph.
  • In long words, try searching for common vowel combinations like ai, ou.

In the 11 Plus English exam, a clue is mostly accompanied by the jumbled letters in the test paper.

Check out these examples:

11 Plus Jumbled Words





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