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St Pauls Girls School

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About St Paul's Girls' School :

St. Paul's Girls' School always encourages the child's academic excellence and independence of mind. It was top of A-Level League tables in 2016. These schools follow a liberal ideology. All the girls are free to grow and achieve their goals. Uniformity in the dress is not mandatory. For more information about the St Paul's Girls' school history and academics, check out this school website.https://spgs.org/admissions/entry-at-11/academic-preparation/

Admissions on St Paul's Girls' School:

Administrators of St Paul's Girls' School recommend going to their school tour during open days to look at the facilities and meet some staff and students. You need to book a ticket to attend the school tour. Visit the school's website for more information. https://spgs.org/

St Paul's Girls' School 11 Plus Exam Format :

Exam Format consists of three stages:

 1. online pre-test

2. St Paul's School internal exam

3.Interview process

1.Pre Online exam 

Candidates must register before starting the admission process. The students are not allowed to write the 11 Plus exams held every January; instead, students should take a pre-online test. This exam consists of verbal, non-verbal and numerical ability questions. Candidates have two and half hour time to complete this test.

2.Internal Exam

Girls who excel in this test are invited back to take the 11 + exams in January. This invitation for the 11 Plus exam is informed in December. Maths, English and Comprehension are the areas tested in the internal exam. The last paper is a multi-disciplinary paper unique to SPGS and incorporates source-based questions.

11 Plus Maths:

There are three 25-minute sections

  • 1st session consists of sums;
  • 2nd sections include problem-solving questions;
  • 3rd section focuses on multi-part questions.

11 Plus English:

  • Passage reading;
  • Needs understanding skills;
  • Imaginative writing tasks.

11 Plus Comprehension:

  • Designed to test comprehension in its broadest sense;
  • It consists of the organisation of information, identification of patterns and links etc.;
  • No prior knowledge required.


  •  By a senior faculty member;
  • Assessing independence, ability to voice opinions sufficiently etc.;
  • Approximately 20 minutes;
  •  Include general academic studies or specific subjects, eg. English and Mathematics.

To know about the fee details and bursary, please go through the following website 

St Paul's Girl's school fee details


St Paul's Girl's school bursary details


How to crack the 11 Plus exam conducted by St Paul's Girls' School?

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