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St Marys School Ascot

Owning a 55-Acre site in Ascot, St Mary’s Ascot is an Independent Day and Boarding school for Girls, preferring Roman Catholic Girls. Founded by the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1885, the school aims to foster intellectual, spiritual, and personal development through rigorous academic education and co-curricular activities, encouraging a sense of her own worth and talents in each pupil, preparing them to lead others and to enrich their world.

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Admitting into St Mary’s Ascot :

A child must undergo the Entrance Exam, an Interview, a report from the current school to enter into St Mary’s School-Ascot.

There are three levels of intake to St Mary’s Ascot :

  • 11+ for Year 7
  • 13+ for Year 9
  • 16+ for the Sixth form.

11 Plus Exam is the medium of the largest intake for the St Mary’s Ascot. 40 girls are welcomed into year 7 through 11+ Exam, 20 girls into year 9 through 13+ Exam and 5 girls into the sixth form through 16+ Exam. 

You can get deep insights into the 11+ admissions process from the school’s website: https://www.st-marys-ascot.co.uk/admissions-procedure/.

The 11+ Entrance Exam at St. Mary’s Ascot encompasses three papers:

  • 11+ English
  • 11+ Maths
  • 11+ General Paper (which could include: graded spelling, non-verbal puzzles, listening skills).

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Bursaries and Scholarships offered by St Mary’s School Ascot:

St Mary’s School Ascot also offers Bursaries and Scholarships to their students. Means-tested bursaries are awarded annually to parents who are financially eligible and who meet the application requirements. 

Various scholarships provided by St Mary’s School Ascot are:

  • Academic Scholarships
  • All-Rounder Scholarships
  • Art Scholarship
  • Music Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship
  • Sixth Form Science Scholarship

All candidates sitting assessment for entry at 11+, 13+ and 16+ will automatically be considered for the general academic scholarships.

At 11+, there are three academic scholarships available. The value of each scholarship is 5% of the fees.

Further, more information regarding bursaries and scholarships can be found on the school’s website:


Education at St Mary’s School Ascot:

In Year 7, girls are introduced to all the primary curriculum subjects and learning skills. They have timetabled English, Maths, French, all three sciences, Religious Studies, Latin, Geography, History, Art and Design, Music and Drama.

The school promotes a strong sense of responsibility and aims to form women of conscience, competence and compassionate commitment. It also provides opportunities for pupils to enjoy the full sacramental life and spiritual richness of the Catholic Church. 

St Mary’s School Ascot offers Quality education; ensures the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils; suitable premises of accommodation at schools; also ensures welfare, health and safety of pupils etc. 

Do check the school website for various information regarding Education at St Mary’s School Ascot:


Life at St Mary’s is vibrant, exciting and always good fun.

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