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North London Collegiate School

History of NLCS :

North London Collegiate School is one of the top independent day schools for girls aged 4-18.  It took its shape in 1850, and many generations of girls have received an ambitious academic education and formed a bond with NLCS. They provide a carefully judged blend of support and challenge, a friendly and warm atmosphere, excellent facilities and extensive extra-curricular activities.


Admissions in North London Collegiate School :

NLCS has four  entry points:

  • 4+(40 girls)
  • 8+(8 girls)
  • 11+(approximately 60 girls)
  • 16+(about 20 girls)

Since intake at 11 Plus is very high, let us know how to get admitted at 11+(year 7):

Admissions at 11 Plus:

The admission process consists of three stages:

  1. Registration
  2. Entrance Exam
  3. Interview

NOTE: Entry into Year 7 is at age 11; therefore, girls for entry in September 2021 should have their dates of birth between 1st September 2009 and 31st August 2010.


The registration is not only for a typical North Londoner but also for all types of personalities. You can find the registration link below:


Entrance Exam:

The registered students are invited to take an entrance exam known as the 11 Plus exam consisting of written papers in English and Maths. The examinations are held at the school and are entirely separate from Group 1 and Group 2 Consortium.

To practice more 11 Plus questions, you can go through our website:https://www.11plusehelp.co.uk/.


Students who excel in the 11+ exam are invited back to attend the interview, and from these, final selections are made.

To know about the scholarships and bursaries, please go through the below school link:


How to crack the 11 Plus exam conducted by North London Collegiate School?

North London Collegiate School is a dream school for many students. Developing core English skills and gaining a thorough understanding of Maths concepts at the KS2 level is essential.  Practising more Maths and English questions may be helpful for your child. 11plusehelp.co.uk consists of free 1000+ Maths and English Practise Papers. Click on the following links to practise them for free.

FREE 11 Plus Maths Sample Papers:


FREE 11 Plus English Sample Papers:



Entrance exam fear may daunt your child. Practising the core skills as much as possible will lay the foundation for their success. And we help in boosting your child's confidence by providing Past Independent School Mock Papers in self-correction mode.  This mode helps to differentiate the stronger and weaker areas of your child.

If your child aims for the North London Collegiate School 11 Plus entrance exam, our Independent School Test Papers will construct the road between primary school and secondary school where your child will understand time management, structure and layout of the entrance assessment.

You can check out our North London Collegiate School Entrance Sample Tests and more 11 Plus Independent School Solved Practice Papers here-


Do check out this post on 'Grammar or Independent Schools?'-


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11 Plus FREE Papers:

11 Plus FREE Sample Papers:


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