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Magdalen College School

Magdalen College School is an independent day school in Oxford, England, for boys aged seven to eighteen and for girls in the sixth form. It was founded by William Waynflete about 1480 as part of Magdalen College, Oxford.

Magdalen College School

Admitting into Magdalen College School:

A child must undergo the Entrance Exam, an Interview, a report from the current school to enter into Magdalen College School.

There are three levels of intake to Magdalen College School:

  • 7+
  • 8+ and 9+
  • 11+
  • 13+ for Year 9

You can get deep insights into the 11+ admissions process from the school’s website: https://www.mcsoxford.org/admissions/entry-at-11/

The 11+ Entrance Exam at King’s College School – Wimbledon encompasses three papers:

  • 11+ English - 1 hour
  • 11+ Maths - 1 hour
  • 11+ Verbal Reasoning - 45 minutes

11 Plus Syllabus:

  • The English test contains two composition questions, one fiction and one non-fiction.
  • The Maths paper is based on the National Curriculum up to and including Year 5.
  •  There will be an opportunity to work through sample questions in the Verbal Reasoning test before the test starts.

11+ Registration:

Visit https://www.mcsoxford.org/admissions/ to know more about 11 Plus registration. 

11 Plus Interview:

  • Based on students performance in the entry tests, students are invited for interviews.
  • Students will be asked to read and comment on a short passage and bring in an object to talk about.
  •  A few short Maths questions may be given, occasionally.
  • They will also ask about hobbies and extra-curricular activities.
  • The interview lasts about 30 minutes.

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11+ Maths

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Here is feedback from parents:

11 Plus Feedback

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