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City of London School for Boys

 Located on the banks of the River Thames, the City of London School is one of the most sought after schools in the vibrant city of London. Not only does it occupy an iconic position, but it also has a tradition of academic excellence and educational innovation. It's quoted as "an organized, calm and knowledgeable organization" by its alumni. Securing admission in this austere institution is zenith to many.

City of London Schools

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Getting an Admit at City of London School (CLS)

There are a total of four points of entry for CLS. They are-

  • 10+ for Year 6 entry, also called Old Grammar
  • 11+ for Year 7 entry
  • 13+ for Year 9 entry
  • 16+ for A levels entry

The 11 Plus (11+) exam is the medium of the largest intake for the CLS. Along with welcoming up to 60 boys per year, it may also provide academic scholarships. Please check the City of London School website for Scholarship awards. These rules change from time to time. The City of London School uses separate assessments for students hoping for financial assistance in the form of a bursary.

Please find Bursary information from the school website directly here: https://www.cityoflondonschool.org.uk/apply/bursary.

You can find more information on 11 Plus entry here: https://www.cityoflondonschool.org.uk/apply/11-entry.

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City of London School Entrance Through 11 Plus Exam

The CLSB uses a computerized reasoning test or pre-test for sponsored entry before the 11 Plus entrance exam. At 11plusehelp.co.uk, we have plenty of 11 Plus Quizzes to prepare your child to get through the entrance examination.

Exam fear may daunt a student, so taking as many practice tests as possible would boost confidence and improve test scores. Our 20 minute 11 Plus Sample Questions in sample papers would provide the necessary support for a student to stand firm.

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The City of London 11 Plus Interview

City of London School's interview at 11 plus will take around 15 to 25 minutes. Please go through our blog on how to prepare for Independent school interviews: https://11plusehelp.co.uk/blog/2018/12/20/city-of-london-independent-school-selection-process/

Students who do well on the 11 plus entrance examinations will be called for an interview in late January or early February.

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