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11 Plus Homophones

11 Plus Homophones

Homophones are words that sound the same pronunciation but different spelling or meanings. Some homophone pairs are confused homophones.


There are three types of homophones -

  • Homographs – Words that are similar in spelling but different in meaning and pronunciation are known are homographs.
  • Homonyms – Words that have the same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings are known are homonyms.
  • Heterographs – Words that have different spellings but the same pronunciation are known as heterographs.


Here are some common examples of homophones in English:

  1. One won
  2. Who’s, whose
  3. Their, there
  4. Know, no
  5. Steel, steal
  6. Right, write
  7. Flour, flower
  8. Night, knight
  9. Poor, pour
  10. Tale, tail

Try out these examples:

11 plus homophones


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