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11 Plus Exam types and skills - CEM vs CSSE vs GL Assessment

11 Plus Exam types and skills - CEM vs CSSE vs GL Assessment

11 Plus test types:

GL Assessment



Northern Ireland 11+ Tests

Individual school Tests

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Independent School individual / Group Tests

GL Assessment

GL Subjects:

11 Plus English

11 Plus Maths

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

11 Plus Non-verbal Reasoning

Test format varies from region to region.

GL assessmentMost GL 11+ exams are either Standard Format or Multiple Choice.


The length of test papers varies, although 45 minutes is the most common exam time.

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CEM (The Centre of Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University)

CEM Subjects / Skills:



Verbal Reasoning


Numerical Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The CEM Tests

CEM 11+ Tests consists of two papers. Each paper is divided into timed sections, which focus on what particular skill/area of knowledge.

The papers are invigilated using an audio CD, which divides the test into timed sections. This ensures fair invigilation for all candidates but also puts additional pressure on children taking the tests.

CEM papers are mixed, with one exam combining English and verbal reasoning and another combining maths and non-verbal reasoning.

Standard Format, Multiple Choice, or a combination may be used depending on the school/region.

The paper contains a short maths section, a more extended problem-solving exercise, then some logic puzzles. Timings will be allocated to each section, and children will need to manage the time they spend on each section carefully.

In CEM exams, there will typically be more questions that are likely to be answered in the time allocated, and the weighting of each subject for your child's final mark will be unknown before the exam.


We've good 11 Plus Resources / Tests to prepare your child for 11 plus exams (CEM or GL assessment or CSSE etc.) here @ 11PluseHelp.co.uk.



There are two tests, one in English and one in Mathematics.

The English paper will last sixty minutes with ten minutes additional reading time. English paper also contains the Creative Writing section.

The Mathematics paper will last sixty minutes.

The final scores for the individual papers are mathematically standardized and 'weighted', each being worth 50% of the marks. Tests are not age-standardized.

For more information on Standardized score, calculation follows the link here:  https://11plusehelp.co.uk/blog/2017/04/07/csse-standardised-score-calculation/.

To qualify for CEM and/or GL Assessment and/or CSSE, you need the following skills:

- Understanding of all concepts taught at primary school

- Should be able to answer a variety of question types and formats (familiar & unfamiliar question types)

- Work under time pressure

- Strong reasoning and problem-solving skills

- Strong arithmetic skills

- Strong vocabulary

- Spelling skills

- Comprehension skills

- English skills

- Reading and responding to texts with a reading age greater than 11

- Understand grammar and punctuation

CSSE ExamWe've good 11 Plus Resources / Tests to prepare your child for 11 plus exams (CEM or GL assessment or CSSE etc.) here @ 11PluseHelp.co.uk

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If your exam has Creative Writing (e.g. CSSE) then:

- Creative Writing skills - descriptive or instructions

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11 Plus complete solution features:


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