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11 Plus Dice

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11 Plus Dice

We all know that a Dice is a small cube containing 6 faces, with each face consisting of a different number of spots on it, ranging from 1 to 6, used in games involving chance.

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In non-verbal reasoning questions on Dice, the faces may contain an alphabet or digit besides a dot pattern. It is an important chapter for all non-verbal reasoning tests. Figures of certain positions of dice will be given in the question. Using those hints, the child must figure out how different sides are occupied and answer the question.

There are certain rules with which the questions on dice can be easily solved:

1) No two opposite faces of dice cannot be adjacent.

2) Only 3 faces are visible at a time, called “Joint Sides”, and these faces can be the opposite faces of a cube.

3) If two different positions of a dice are given in question such that one of the two common faces is in the same position, then the remaining faces will be opposite to each other.

4)Given two different positions of dice, if the position of the common face is not the same, then the opposite face of the common face will be that which is not shown on any face in these two positions. Besides, the opposite faces of the remaining faces will not be the same.

Here are some sample 11 plus questions on dice. Have a look at them:

Example:111 Plus Dice

Example:211 Plus Dice

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