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11 Plus Creative Writing

11 Plus Creative Writing

"Productive and imaginative".

"The ability to create"


"Characterised by expressiveness and originality".

Creative writing is often defined as fiction, where the author creates events, scenes and characters.

Start your Child's Creative Writing practice today.

At 11PluseHelp.co.uk, you can write your Creative Writings and then revise & revise for improvements. You can keep track of all your past revisions to see the progress daily/weekly,/monthly.

11 plus Creative Writing

This feature is available for FREE for all users as an Introductory offer.

11plusehelp.co.uk offers FREE Creative Writing Blog.

Using Creative Writing Blog, the child can upload a creative writing piece. Best Creative Writing pieces will be published in our blog. This'll encourage children to write a creative writing piece and improve writing skills.

Please note that you can upload the Creative Writings by directly typing or taking a picture and attaching it here: https://11plusehelp.co.uk/blog/submit-creative-writing/.

You can also go through kids samples of Creative Writing here: https://11plusehelp.co.uk/blog/creative-writings/.

11 Plus Creative Writing

If you wish, you can submit your children's eleven plus Creative Writings here: https://11plusehelp.co.uk/blog/submit-creative-writing/.

Note to all Parents and Children on Creative Writing: Please write as much as possible, and if you've more time, then don't stop with one paragraph. Try to put more paragraphs. This'll improve speed in the final exam.

11 Plus Creative Writing

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