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11 Plus Complete Pattern

11 Plus Complete Pattern

In the 11 plus Completing Pattern section, an incomplete block of patterns( three filled and one is empty) would be provided in the question, and the test taker has to select the final block that completes the pattern. There will be given four figures labelled 1, 2, 3 and 4 as options. The child has to select the figure that best fits in the empty block provided with a question mark(?).

The child must carefully observe how the other three blocks are arranged to get a clear idea about the last one. He/She should keep in mind that the largest portion of answer comes from carefully viewing the figure.

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This part of the 11 exams can be easy to a few and tricky to others. To understand which category of test takers you lie in, try out these examples.


11 Plus Complete Pattern

Example2:11 Plus Complete Pattern

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