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11 Plus Bodmas

11 Plus Bodmas

We have plenty of 11 Plus BODMAS practice tests at 11PluseHelp.co.uk.

BODMAS explains the order of operations to solve an expression or number sentence containing all the basic operations. It is abbreviated as Brackets, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction. First, need to solve the bracket( (), {}, []) followed by powers and square roots, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction from left to right.

BODMAS stands for "brackets orders division multiplication addition subtraction".


Can you tell the answer of ( 5 + 6 ) × 4?

( 5 + 6 ) × 4

First Step:
In the first step, we should solve the bracket according to the BODMAS rule.

After solving the bracket, we get the answer 11.

11 x 4

Second Step:
Now, we have to multiply 11 and 4. After multiplication, we get the answer 44.


Mathematics is a logic-based discipline. There are some simple rules to follow, which will help you work out the order to do the sum. This rule is called as BODMAS rule. This rule was introduced by Achilles Reselfelt as early as 1600. The main aim of introducing this kind of mathematical rule was to solve those calculations involving more than one mathematical operation in a mathematical problem.

BODMAS is an acronym. Using this specific rule makes it easy for us to remember the order of operations while solving different mathematical problems or operations.

The meanings of different words of this acronym are given below;


  1. B — Bracket

It means that first of all, we have to solve the brackets in the mathematical operation.

There are four different kinds of brackets.

First of all, we have to solve ━━━━”.

Secondly, we have to solve ().

Thirdly, we have to solve {}.

At last, we have to solve [].

  1. O — Of or Orders

It means that you will have to solve all the numbers which have powers and brackets.

  1. D — Division

It means that you have to perform the division operation.

  1. M — Multiplication

After that, you have to perform the multiplication operation.

  1. A — Addition

After that, you have to add the numbers or terms.

  1. S — Subtraction

At last, you have to subtract the numbers and terms.

Let’s see some examples of usage of the BODMAS rule:

Example 1

4[2 + { 7(5-3)}]

 First Step

In the first step, we have to solve (). After solving it, we get:

4 [ 2 + { 7 x 2 } ]

 Second Step

Now, we have to solve { }. After solving it, we get:

4 [ 2 + 14 ]

 Third Step

Now, we have to solve [ ]. After solving it, we get:

4 x16

At last, we have to multiply these two terms. After multiplying 4 and 16, we get the answer 64.


Example 2

Solve 20 x 2 – ( 4 / 2 ) x 9 x 2^2

(Here 2^2 is square of ‘2’)

First Step

20 x 2 – ( 4 / 2 ) x 9 x 2^2

 Second Step

20 x 2 – 2 x 9 x 2^2

Third Step

20 x 2 – 2 x 9 x 4

 Fourth Step

20 x 2 – 72

 Fifth Step

40 – 72

Sixth Step


By following this specific rule, you will be able to easily and perfectly solve any mathematical operation. We have plenty of 11 Plus Practice tests on BODMAS at 11PluseHelp.co.uk

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Examples from our 11 plus practice tests are given below:


Solve 3 x 7+ (9-4)-6=?

Answer: 20

Step1: Brackets: 3 x 7 + (5) – 6

Step2: Multiplication: 21+ (5) – 6

Step3: Addition and Subtraction: 26-6=2


Solve 2 x 5 – (1+4) ÷ 5=?

Answer: 9

Step1: Brackets: 2 x 5-(5) ÷ 5

Step2: Division: 2 x 5 -1

Step3: Multiplication: 10-1

Step4: Subtraction: 10-1 = 9


Solve 9 x (10-6) + 4=?

Answer: 40

Step1: Brackets: 9 x 4 + 4

Step2: Multiplication: 36 + 4

Step3: Addition: 40


Solve 2 x 5-(1+4)/5=?

Answer: 9

Step1: Brackets: 2 x 5-(5)/5

Step2: Multiplication: 10-1

Step3: Subtraction: 10-1=9


11 Plus Bodmas Practice PapersExample6:

11 Plus Bodmas

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