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11 Plus Angles

11 Plus Angles

11plusehelp.co.uk offers you unlimited online 11 plus Angles maths tests. Let's learn about the angle definition and types of angles. 


An angle is a combination of two lines or rays with a common endpoint.

Example: Angle ABC


Angles are measured in Degrees or Radians.


The corner point where the two lines meet is called the vertex.


Acute angle:

If the angle between two lines is less than 90 degrees, it is called an acute angle.


Obtuse angle:

An angle that is greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees is obtuse.


Right angle:

A right angle is an angle equal to 90°.


Straight angle:

If the angle is exactly 180 degrees, then it is a straight angle.


Reflex angle:

If the angle is between 180 and 360 degrees, then it is a reflex angle.


Full angle:

If the angle is exactly 360 degrees, then it is called the full angle.


Supplementary angles:

When two angles add up to 180 degrees, then they are called supplementary angles.

Example: 130° and 50° are supplementary angles because 130° + 50°= 180°

Complementary angles:

When two angles add up to 90 degrees, then they are called complementary angles.

Example: 3 and 60° are complementary angles because 30°+ 60° = 90°

Interior angle:

The angle inside a polygon is called the interior angle.


Exterior angle:

The angle formed by one side of a polygon and the line extended from an adjacent side is called the exterior angle.


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