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11 Plus Algebra

11 Plus Algebra

11 Plus Algebra is described as doing computations similar to those of arithmetic but with non-numerical mathematical symbols. These symbols are called Variables. This method of representation helps in allowing the general formulation of arithmetic laws. It also provides a reference to unknown values providing access to find them out (by expressions and equations).

Here are some basic terms that are needed to be understood:

Variable: A variable is a letter used to represent unknown numbers. For example x,y,a,b,c,etc.

Constant: This is a fixed quantity that cannot be changed.

Algebraic Expression: It is a combination of variables and constants along with arithmetic operations. The algebraic expression should have at least one variable and one operation on that variable.

For example, in the algebraic expression 4x+3,

  • x  is variable
  • 4 is the coefficient of x
  • 3 is constant
  • The above expression has two terms, 4x and 3

Algebraic Equation: It is a mathematical statement with the equality symbol between two algebraic expressions.

For example 3x+5=9, 9x+3y+7=0,etc.

11 Plus Algebra Example problems:


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