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11 Plus Abbrevations

11 Plus Abbrevations

11plusehelp.co.uk is a platform where you can learn the abbreviations through our regular online test English papers.

Abbreviations are the shortened forms for a group of words or phrases. These are applied to the most widely used words.

They are formed by either a group of starting letters(capital letters) of each word or words taken from the full version of the word or phrase. They are created to simplify the task of using entire phrases that occur very frequently.

List of some commonly used abbreviations:

Mr. – Mister

Mrs. - Mistress

Min - minute or minimum

Max – maximum

No. - number

vs – versus

ASAP – as soon as possible

Most of the abbreviations are created specific to a discipline, and the persons related to that field make use of them.

For example:

  1. Map locations

Rd. – Road

St.  – Street

N – North

S – South

E – East

W – West

  1. Academic and Designation Titles

BS – Bachelor Of Science

MA – Master Of Arts

Dr. - Doctor

VP – Vice President

PA - Personal Assistant

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

  1. Measurements and units

m – metre

cm – centimetre

sec – second

ft – feet

A – Ampere

V - Volt

An abbreviation may can two or more phrases associated with it. To find out the correct phrase, it all depends on the context that we are using it in the sentence.

For example,

Min – can be used for both ‘minute’ and ‘minimum’.

Hence it is important to identify the context of the sentence before answering the questions on abbreviations. This gives you 70% of your answer.

Practise our English 11 plus papers on abbreviations. This helps you acquainted with most of the samples that are given in eleven plus English exams.

 Sample 11 plus questions on abbreviations are given below:


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